VXDIAG Benz Xentry ‘No Access Authorization Code’ Solution

As titled, here comes the working solution to vxdiag benz c6/vcx se benz xentry hdd or 2tb full hdd Xentry software ‘No access authorization code! Contact User Help Desk’ problem.

Vxdiag Benz Xentry No Access Authorization Code 1

Quick Solution:

Open TOOLS folder on the desktop

Run configassist file, close the file, then run Xentry again.

Vxdiag Benz Configassist 0

If it is not working and reports another ‘Unable to access service’ error, follow the steps below to start configassist file manually.

Vxdiag Benz Xentry Unable To Access Service

Run This PC
Right-click Manage-> Computer Management-> Services and Applications

Locate and start Daimler ConfigAssist Service File.

Run Xentry again.

Vxdiag Benz Configassist 1

Vxdiag Benz Configassist 2

Vxdiag Benz Configassist 3

Vxdiag Benz Configassist 4

Vxdiag Benz Configassist 5

If cannot find Daimler ConfigAssist Service File. Download and put these two patches on the desktop, run patches and try xentry again.

Vxdiag Benz Configassist 3







Any questions feel free to contact www.vxdiagshop.com customer service.