VXDIAG VCX SE Update License Failed Error 4001 Solution

Problem 1:

I got a problem updating the license for vxdiag vcx se Benz doip scanner.

Error 1

Update license Failed. Error 4001
There was an error communicating with the server.

Error 2:

Update License Failed. Unknown error.

Vxdiag Vcx Se Failed To Update License 1

Vxdiag Vcx Se Failed To Update License 2

Vxdiagshop.com solution:

Always update the firmware first, then update license.  Fits all vcx se, vcx nano and vcx plus scanners.

Vxdiag Vcx Se Failed To Update License 3

If update firmware succeed, then update license still has error (update license failed error 4001), it can be network issue. Change network and do again. It should be fine.



For example

Problem 2:

I got the vxdiag vcx se device to detect by connecting both USB and Ethernet cable. Updated firmware but now I cannot update license. Now I can t get network to show online to update license.
Anyone know how to fix network offline issue?

Vxdiag Offline

Vxdiag Update License Failed 4001


It is a problem connecting with factory server.

1.Check your WiFi router, if the malicious website blocker is turned on, if yes, disable it.

2.Or change network with your mobile wifi hotspot to try again.

3.Or change other network connection to try.

Sometimes network address conflicts cause vx manager to be unable to display network connections. You can change the network protocol address to a universal one.




It ended up being a setting on my eero mesh system that blocks malicious sites. As soon as I turned it off it worked. It would work when on Ethernet because the Ethernet cable was plugged in to the provider modem and not the eero.



I disabled my Wi-Fi firewall and was able to update license with no problem. License now shows 2024-03-09 and Xentry software detects my vehicle and lets me connect right away to vehicle diagnostics.