How to Change VXDIAG VCX SE 6154 ODIS Language?


Can i change vxdiag vcx se 6154 odis language to German? If yes how to change language?




Yes, vxdiag 6154 software is multi-language enabled.


English Japanese Portuguese Romanian Korean Dutch Polish Turkish Spanish French Italian Croatian Danish German Swedish Finnish Slovenian Czech Russian Greek Chinese

First ODIS installation requires updating data first. This process may take about 1 hour.
During the process, need to choose the correct language you need.

The first installation will ask to select language pack. DO select the language you desired.  You cannot change language later if don’t select language pack.

O D I S Language 1

If software is still in English after selecting language you desired, go to Admin and switch language.

O D I S Language

Odis Language 3

Odis Language 4