VXDIAG VCX SE or Openport 2.0 for MB Xentry Passthru?

VXDIAG VCX SE Benz (as well as other vcx se interfaces) or Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 which is a better J2534 device for Mercedes Benz Xentry Passthru software?


Vcx Se Benz Bmw Audi 01

Openport 2.0

Tactrix Openport

Brand Allscanner VXDIAG Tactrix
Connection USB, WiFi, WLAN USB
Xentry Version Xentry Passthru version

Some also tested ok with XDOS OpenShell version

Xentry Passthru version only


DTS Monaco Yes Yes
Vediamo Yes, need special setting* Yes, cannot use Vediamo 5
DoIP protocol Yes No
Old K-line Mercedes No, for 2005 up Mercedes No
License Optional license all sorts of programs that it supports
ECU Software Updates Need online subscription, flashing ECU works fine Have risk brick ECUs
Price: US$299 with Benz License, US$179 vcx se unit without license Original $169

Clone around $40



  • The license, firmware can be updated in our driver app, it is a lifetime license and its working with the new software
  • VCX SE is more stable than Tactrix openport clone but it is acting the same way J2534 protocol.
  • The main reason for buying vxdiag is that it has DoIP for new cars.
  • vcx se connects via WiFi and it’s very convenient. wlan connection is stable at a distance of up to 2 m.
  • there is already a Type C connector and it is held very tightly
  • firmware updatable
  • you can also use BMW and there are a lot of all sorts of programs that it supports
  • The device does not heat up as SD CONNECT does.
  • as much as 42 modules can be scanned
  • Work best offline.


It does not support older models with K-line protocol, it is for 2005 up Mercedes.





  • Good reasonably priced option if you don’t need to do any module updates.
  • Openport 2.0 is not limited on Can- Cars from 2006 and above!
  • useful for ECUs with CAN capability.
  • For normal troubleshooting and diagnosis, though, it rocks.


  • you won’t be able to access K-Line ECU’s that are widely used in old models (W221, 220, 203, 211, 210)
  • if you want to work with vediamo you can’t use vediamo 5 (4 can’t use smrd files) because vediamo 5 doesn’t support Passthru so your “stuck” with DTS Monaco
  • You’d better replace R1 by 47k for better operation and to avoid overheating.
  • You are risking of getting failed and then potentially bricking your ecu if need to do ECU SW updates.

*How to set up vxdiag vcx se with Vediamo?