Does VXDIAG JLR DoIP Work with OEM Pathfinder from Topix?

Can i download OEM Pathfinder and SDD software from Topix instead of getting a new software HDD for vxdiag jlr doip scanners?

Vxdiag Jlr Doip Pathfinder 1

Yes, vxdiag vcx se jlr and jlr doip vci are compatible with both original SDD and Pathfinder software.

For SDD, you are required to install our SDD patch as well.

For Pathfinder, you can download it free to perform vehicle diagnosis function. Online programming requires a subscription.

VX Manager driver is also required. For SDD you will need to install JLR SDD driver, for Pathfinder, you have to install JLR DoIP driver.

Vxdiag Jlr Doip Driver

Tips to Install SDD and Pathfinder for VXDIAG JLR DoIP VCI on Win10