Possible to use VXDIAG VCX SE Benz to Bleed SBC Brake System?

I want to activate, deactivate and bleed air out of system. (SBC brake system…) I need this SBC FUNCTION this is the only reason I bought this VXDIAG VCX SE for BENZ DoIP scanner. i have tested with LAUNCH CRP429C, AUTEL MK808, and UCANDAS BT….. none of them support ABS/SBC bleed on my car (year2007)… But both LAUNCH and UCANDAS BT could do this function up to year 2006. mentioned on their Home/website.


This is what I did with : Passenger car -> Xentry Diagnosis -> F2 ->Data are being determined and can’t go ahead.

And no matter what I choose next and then click on “F3”, nothing happens.

Look at the images below:

Vxdiag Xentry 01

Vxdiag Xentry 02

Vxdiag Xentry 03

Vxdiag Xentry 04

vxdiagshop.com engineer replied:

For Mercedes, all programming functions need to perform with online account and authorization.

That is all programming functions for Mercedes,  need to get account and authorization from original.

The method to get online account: from original Daimler.


For this function, can perform with DTS Monaco (it is included in the software hdd).

Only have have video for using DTS with C4, for reference:

but it is similar to use vxdiag device, please note, when you use dts, need to use USB cable to connect device to laptop.



Good luck!