How to solve VCX NANO for TOYOTA Error “Your device needs to renew your license.”

Question from a customer :

I have VCX NANO for TOYOTA SP245-W. I installed the Techstream v15.00.026. Copy “Toyota Launcher” crack to Techstream\bin. I verified “VCX” is in Device Manager. I installed VX Manager v1.8.0.0819. All software downloaded from
When VX Manager runs, a message pops up, “Your device needs to renew your license.” I click, “OK.”
I run Toyota Launcher.exe in Techstream\bin. A message pops up, “please Connect Device“. VCX NANO is connected. Solid RED light and slowly flashing BLUE light.
Please help.

Sp245 W


Our device needs to be networked for operation.It only takes two steps to solve your problem

Step 1: Try to connect to the network


Step 2: Update license


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