VXDIAG VCX Nano GM – what CAN & CANNOT do on Saab 9-5 2006

Well… I have VXDIAG VCX Nano GM for a week. I`m using 9.250 bin.

Today, I got a bit bored and opened up the VCX NANO to see what lurks inside:

vxdiag-vcx-nano-gm-package vxdiag-vcx-nano-gm-pcb-1 vxdiag-vcx-nano-gm-pcb-2

I can do in my 9-5 2006:

– turn ON SID2 (trip computer, alarm, speed warning etc): function: again SID programming in 6 steps. This was the main reason why I bought VXDIAG GM!

– after that I locked my radio. Two days later I found out that I need to put VIN in SID. Radio started to work again during this VIN installation. I was sooo happy after radio turned on

– read all DTC and delete them

– configure/activate/change options in DICE, AC, SID,ECU…

– read all parameters, signals, read Trionic, start adaptations in AT, check fans etc..


I can not:

– read ABS (need to check again!)

– marry radio

– proper finish SID programming with “OK” message. I need to turn off Tech2WIN after interface stop flashing with blue led.


When I try get into marriage (IHU) option I have a message:


Check vehicle selected… Check workshop manual 3.5.”

And nothing more I can do.


– didn`t try SPS (don`t have GlobalTIS yet), I`m afraid of hard lock (immo-keys, etc)


But it`s not working very smoothly. After “Establishing communication” I have an error that there is “NO COMMUNICATION, No communication with brakesystem. Check K-line and brakesystem ECU.”

After that I have to click OK. Than nothing is happening about 10 seconds and then… starting communication and voila… I`m in!


Someone don`t have any problem with his 9-5 2002.

This is his video…