VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford IDS Another Review on VMware

Overall, I’m satisfied with this vxdiag vcx nano Ford scanner. Using the instructions that came with the system, and some info online, I was able to use this to connect to a 2013 Explorer.
It worked great for my needs. I was able to delete and reprogram the integrated keys. Also, I was able to enable remote start (apparently the 2011-2015 Explorers already have most of the hardware installed, and just need a remote-start key and the software activated).

Give your technical / automotive background, you may want to use this. However, some caution seems necessary. There are options to delete the PCM and reprogram it. You could potentially damage the computer or software. You could also disable your keys. Youtube has videos for most parts of the IDS software. Unless you are a Ford – Tech, i’d recommend following the videos so you don’t accidentally disable part of your car.

There is an instruction folder on the DVD. This may help you though.
– Install VMWare player on your local machine (either from the VMWare website or using the install on the DVD)
– Set your local computer time to Bejing time (I’m not sure if this is required, but from what I read, this is needed)
– Copy the Virtual Machine from the DVD to your hard drive (this is the file that is the largest – 3 Gigs or so)
– Open up VMWare player, find your virtual machine file that you copied and click “Edit Virtual Machine Settings”
– For Memory, give the virtual machine at least 2 Gigs of memory (if you don’t the IDS will be really slow or wont run)
– Start the virtual machine
– Plug the VCX Nano into your USB Drive
– Once installed, go to “Player – Removable Devices” and connect the “Future Device – VCX Nano” to the virtual instance (disconnect from host)
– Open the start menu, search for and run “VCI Manager”
– Click “Connect” to connect the VCX Nano to the VCI Manager software
– You can now open the IDS icon on the remote desktop

I was able to do PCM updates for a Ford and Lincoln using this vxdiag ford ids scanner.