How to add other car model to your device?

1.Contact the customer service for buying the car license.

Our nano one do not support to add other car models, but plus one can.

If you want to add other car models, contact the customer service for the price.

We supply to add Ford/Mazda, GM, Honda, Toyota, Landrover/Jaguar, Subaru, Porsche  license.

2. After you made the payment, send us your serial number, we will send it to the factory to open the authorization for you.

3. Connect your device to PC, and open VX Manager.


4.  Click [Device Manager]->[Information],then click [License]


5. After License updated, then installation OEM driver. For example, Buy JLR SDD license, then Installation JLR SDD Driver

Everything is all right now, you can use this software to do your cars!