DTS Monaco Mercedes Coding NRC=22 Error Solution

Car: Sprinter 2020 USA

Hardware: vxdiag vcx se benz+ xentry passthru+ DTS Monaco.


I have NRC=22 error when doing FCW177 coding after Xentry erase all my radar.
I don’t have problem coding this module before erase – now module have VIN and all data FF.
I am used: Security Acces Level 37 on FCW177 (without 37 level I have NRC=33)
Any idea for a fix?
DTS Monaco NRC 22 Error 1

DTS Monaco NRC 22 Error 2

DTS Monaco NRC 22 Error 3

DTS Monaco NRC 22 Error 4


1. Make sure you take down the diagnostic firewall on EZS167. I think that is Security Access 3B. Some projects, like BR177 have the link to the function as a button to the left.
If you are working from a temporary workspace, then you need to load both modules and go through EZS first.

2. Make sure you set your session as “Extended Start” in FCW177. I suspect your problem is actually this one, as the error says ‘Write conditions not correct”, not security access denied.

3. put the car in starting position 2, error 22 is due to that




It was necessary to make this command in the DTS Monaco and after everything was flashed, now after calibration my cruise started working again.
DTS Monaco NRC 22 Error 5