VXDIAG VCX SE DTS Monaco Cannot Select D-PDU API Version?

Question: Does anyone have Monaco 8.16 config to use VXdiag vcx se benz doip? I can get the VXDIAG to work over CAN bus but not DoIP. I don’t show or can’t select the same D-PDU API version? Is there something I’m missing?

Vxdiag Vcx Se Select The Same D PDU API


Do the following settings:
Configure Dts Monaco With Vxdiag Vcx Se 1

Configure Dts Monaco With Vxdiag Vcx Se 2

Check if DTS version is

If it’s 8.16.15, check is your DTS software is installed with complete Addons.

If no then you got to get proper DTS 8.16 and installation files.

Check step-by-step configuration guide here: How to set up DTS Monaco 7.1.6 with VXDIAG VCX SE?