How to Disable Mercedes W205 Start/Stop with VXDIAG DTS Monaco?

Mercedes Benz W205 Start/Stop coding tutorial using vxdiag vcx se benz or benz c6 doip with DTS Monaco 8.14.




vxdiag benz xentry comes with DTS 8.13 but here we use DTS Monaco 8.14.

DTS 8.14, SMR-D files for connection and SeedCalculator. All download free here.


Everything you do is at your own risk. We are not responsible for the damage. 



Disable Start/Stop in W205 with DTS Monaco 

1. Turn on the ignition. Launching DTS Monaco

select Temporary workspace

Dts Monaco Disable Start Stop In W205 1

2. Select the SMR-D file from the list, depending on which module you want to connect to. in our case, MED40.

3. Remove the module from the control unit. In the Diagnostic service tab, we find the Security Access line, find the Request seed key line in the list, click on the Transmit button. We get the key, which we enter in SeedCalc.

Dts Monaco Disable Start Stop In W205 2

See the same code below. We copy it.

4. Run SeedCalc. At the top, select MED40CNG_med40_sec_new_00_00_00.

Dts Monaco Disable Start Stop In W205 3
In the screenshot SeedCalc 2.3, but I give a link to the 3rd version. Works identically and the logic is the same.

5. In the “SEED” field, enter the values ​​obtained from the Request seed key at the previous stage. Click “Generate”. Copy the first 8 characters (all except 00 00 00 00).

6. Go to DTS Monaco. Select the line Send Key Variantcoding. On the right, in the “Send key” field (highlighted in green), paste the data received from SeedCalc.

Dts Monaco Disable Start Stop In W205 4

6.1. Click on the Transmit button. If the code is correct, then below it will be “ acknowledged ”.

Dts Monaco Disable Start Stop In W205 5

IMPORTANT! If, when sending a seed code, the Response State is marked in red and written not acknowledged, then you need to select another module option in SeedCalc and calculate the code again. The unlock code changes after each entry. Those. if the unlock code did not fit, then you need to select Request seed key again and insert new values ​​into SeedCalc.

7. If everything is successful at this stage, then go to the “Variant coding” tab. In the ECU selection menu, find MED40 and click “Connect”. Scroll down, find the desired line and change to “Last mode”. Then click on Do Coding! In this way, you can change the speed limiter and in general everything that is in the MED40.

Dts Monaco Disable Start Stop In W205 6

8. After you have done the encoding, you need to return to the Diagnostic service, select Hard reset and click Transmit.

Now start / stop remembers the last position and does not turn on automatically when switching between sport-eco-comfort modes and does not turn on when starting the car. Those. the start-stop system is in the state it was in before the engine was turned off.

The same logic encodes all other units that support variant encoding.

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