This post comes with some frequently asked questions about VXDIAG VCX NANO for Volvo. Now, let’s look below.


Q: How do you install software? No directions written or on CD.

A: If it doesn’t just auto-run when you put the CD in the optical drive, you should be able to find the exe. install file and click on it. Once initiated, it will check your system to make sure that it is compatible, you must be running windows 7 pro.


Q: What model years Volvo is this compatible with?

A: It depends on what version of VIDA you are using. It should work with any vehicle pre 2014 with an OBDII port.


Q: Whether it supports 2007 VOLVO XC90?

A:Yes, it supports.


Q: I bought and installed, but the link to the volvo software says ‘license expired’. The link in printed instructions isn’t valid. please advise?

A: Please download the newest vx manager on www.vxdiag.net


Q: Does it support volvo v70 2016?

A: No, it does not support this car.


Q: Does it support Volvo D5252T MSA 15.8 year 1999-2000?

A: It supports volvo 2000-2016.


Q: What can I do when my device asks for update the license?

A: Please download the latest vx manager.


After downloading, please install the new VX Manager. Then connect device to laptop, laptop connecting network, open new VX manager, click “Firmware” to update, then click “Update license” to renew. All would be ok.


Q: Does this tool support key programming for 2004 Volvo models?

A: It cannot support key programming.


Q: Your device supports all protocols or only most common protocols?

A: Our device supports most common protocols.


Q: Hello, I have 2004 volvo srs airbag code, can I reset with vxdiag vcx nano?

A: The item cannot support the function you mentioned.


Q: Hi. My virus scanner and Chrome browser said that there is malware in this program. Is it safe or not? When I try installing vida 2014d on my computer (windows 7 pro 64bit), I got error odbc sql server does not exist or access denied and vida say “vida not ok”.

A: Please close the antivirus software and firewall, otherwise, unable to download the program. Please do not worry, the program is safe, we send to many customers. All can be used well. For the volvo vida 2014d, please change win7 32bit to install.


Q: Can this machine support 2007 VOLVO XC90?

A: Our vcx nano Volvo can support your car.



Q: Does VIDA have Swedish language?

A: Yes. Supports Multi Languages: Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Thai, Chinese


Q: Possible to install vcx nano Vida 2014d on windows 10 system?

A: Most people failed install on Win10, better use Win7.


Q: Can i install software on Win8 operating system?

A: No, WIN8 is not supported.