Porsche PIWIS III Tester & PIWIS II User Feedback

VXDIAG has selected some user feedback about Porsche PIWIS III Tester & PIWIS II. Now, let’s read them together.


Review 1:

The Porsche Tester III Piwis3 has a basic DME scanner built in, the Porsche Piwis2 Tester II does not. You cannot turn off AIr bag codes, you add small resisters to fake them out. 997 covered by both Tester III and Tester II. There are no more software updates for the Tester II. There are likely updates for the Tester III but since they are sent directly from Porcshe to registered users with active PPN accounts, you wont receive any. Updates mainly affect new model additions, not existing models. There will be no updates for models out of production.


Review 2:


You shouldn’t be using the wifi component as Porsche has sent out bulletins to the dealers NOT to use it on WIFI and if they spot a PIWIS III in WIFI mode the dealership will be fined. Porsche has had a problem with incomplete programing via wifi and will not reimburse or replace bricked ECUs or other components due to incomplete programming.

I can tell you that a local shop I know that has a Chinese version needs to borrow mine if they get a 2018 or newer model as their scanner wont access the car.

I have a setup using the actual Porsche PIWIS scanner from Porsche ( actually made by Actia) running update 39.5 . Most of the clones are using a Chinese clone version of the VCI and it doesnt work on all models. Another interesting quirk is that the PIWIS III gives an error when attempting to check oil level on 2019 or 2020 GT3 RS.

I paid $3,200 and it works great.

Its a great unit much better than the PIWIS 2 which was slow ( even when upgraded with SSD and max memory) and had constant problem with bad cables that needed to be replaced about every year and half.


Conclusion: on the whole, compared with PIWIS 2, PIWIS 3 works better. So, it’s recommended that you buy Piwis3.