VXDIAG “Device Need to Renew License” Error Solution


Hello to you, I am looking for a solution to my problem if you can help me please, I have a vxdiag vcx nano vw with serial number N52VA12*** with a license that expires on 12/31/2020, givingg error “Your device needs to renew your license”, how to renewed it? And I would also like to know the other expiration date shown in the photo what is it (02/03/2021)?

Vxdiag Need To Renew License

Vxdiag Need To Renew License 2

Vxdiagshop.com solution:

If vxdiag prompts renew license error, it is because the vx manager version is too old, cannot update directly, you can download newest vx manager ( Dec. 2020 version) here to install again for every software system.

After install, connect your PC to network, connect the vxdiag device to PC, click “Firmware” to update firmware and firmware doip to newest. After finish, please click “Restart”, then click “Update license” to renew.

Vxdiag Need To Renew License 3

Vxdiag Need To Renew License 4

The other expiration date should be 31/12/2030

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