What is the Password of VXDIAG VAG ELSA and ETKA Software?

VXDIAG Full VAG ODIS software comes with free ELSA and ETKA software for VAG group.


What’s ELSA?

ELSAWin=Catalogue for VAG group vehicles. The full information on repair basically on new automobiles 1986-2011, electric schemes 1992-2009.
The program ELSA contains the detailed description of technology of repair, electric schemes, bodyworks, the catalogue of spare parts for guarantee replacement. On “old” models of the information it is not enough.
The full information in the program is submitted in German, in English and others If during installation of disks Audi and VW the some people CD will not be requested – be not frightened, on missed CDs there is an information on others (Danish, Polish and others languages).


What’s ETKA?

ETKA= Electronic Catalogue for Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda

Contains the full information on spare parts and accessories for cars of concern VAG , including minibuses.



You can find ELSA and ETKA password in software.


User name: admin

Password: admin



User name: anonymous


Vxdiag Vw Odis Win10 64bit 3