How to Turn on DoIP in VXDIAG Benz C6 DTS Monaco?

I have seen a few people struggling with DoIP and Vxdiag C6. Please see the attached image of the interface settings for DoIP.

When using DoIP with Vxdiag make sure you uncheck/turn off the CAN

interface(MODULE_TYPE_ID_MTS6532) in DTS. Then connect the interface to the car and laptop, open vxmanager and turn on DoIP for BENZ. Then open DTS and with the project you require and you will see DoIP ECU available in bottom right corner.

If in DTS it shows the DoIP available but no commands work, turn ignition off of vehicle, unplug vci from vehicle and computer, then plug everything back in while rebooting DTS and it should work

I don’t find Vxdiag C6 as stable as original eCOM so only use this if you have to.

You can also make enet cable work for DoIP for DTS but it is not as stable.

DTS Settings 01


Vxdiag C6 use USB!

Vxdiag C6 02