Solved! Cannot Type Admin User Name in VXDIAG VIDA 2014D


The VXDIAG VCX NANO Volvo VIDA2014D startup screen username field is readonly, so I can’t type admin. I’m following the demo video, but I’m stuck. Any idea why? I’m using windows 7. Are there more specific requirements?

Vxdiag Vida Login User Name 1


I got it working, but it required some modification. In the vida\patch folder there is a cmd file that executes OSQL.EXE, but it is using the x86 path instead of the x64 path, so I changed the line to run via Program Files (x86) instead of %ProgramFiles% and ran the cmd manually from the powershell command line, reboot, and now the username field is no longer read-only, and Vida seems to be running.

Vxdiag Vida Login User Name 2