How to Choose a Better Scan Tool for Pontiac G8 2008?

Question: i would like to purchase a bi-directional scan tool for my G8 2008.  I am considering the TECH2, MDI and VXDIAG, which is a better buy?



Tech2Win allows for faster read and write speeds, no need for the bulky Tech 2 and the necessary CANdi module [or MDI 2], and purchasing various cards for different vehicles. The cards are 32 MB files that are loaded into Tech2Win and are selected upon startup, depending on the files you have.

Tech2 Chinese clone:

Gm Tech2 Clone


Gm Mdi Clone


Gm Mdi2

Foxwell scanners can’t do what a GM dealership can do with their Tech 2. You also can’t program modules.



The VXDIAG GM GDS2 does all of this at a third of the price. And provides everything that the dealership can do using the same GM interface.

I purchased a single VIN 24 month subscription for $40 so that I could reprogram the new BCM I purchased (old one had a short which messed with the brake lights).

Model years 2008 and beyond require online TDS programming (Vehicle Programming Software: in order to program modules. 2007 and below can be done from the Tech 2/Tech2Win.

Clicking the VIN hyperlink takes you here:

2008 G8 Vxdiag Sps Programming 1

Clicking “Service Programming System (SPS)” or the “SPS” tab up top takes you here:

2008 G8 Vxdiag Sps Programming 2

Clicking “Start SPS” downloads a small java applet that you then run. This connects to your J2534 device and looks similar to this (I found this on the internet):

2008 G8 Vxdiag Sps Programming 3