VXDiag VCX Nano VW cannot Flash with ODIS-E?


i have for test VXDIAG VCX NANO and the VAS6154 Clone (using the vxdiag solution with a vx manager).

WIN10 1909 on a WIN tablet with ODIS-E 9.2.2 version. All does work read dtc and vin fast, but i have test to flash on a car Dashboard its damaged the Flash-Memory. So i think the clone VAS6154 (“5054”) don’t work correct with Engineering ?





Another user feedback:

I was using VAS 6154 with Windows 10 Pro X64.
ODIS Service 5.1.6 and ODIS Engineering 11.0.0 works just fine (DTC, coding, etc.), the only problem seems flashing.



The VAS6154 or VXDIAG can only Read DTC,CODING.

Flashing with ODIS-E dont´t work with this TOOL.

You can Repair or Reflash this with good VAS5054 org or Clone Tool on Win7 or with older Versions 100% work, have Reflash the Dashboard on A6 4F 3.0 2006 today.

You can try new Installation with Windows 7 on Virtual Machine and Choose the VAS5054A in Launcher when you install this.

Best Solution at Moment VAS5054a with good OKI or used original VAS6154.

If you have install VMware, download the VX Manager this is the driver for the clone cables.  The Cable what we have is in the end a clone from VAS5054a.



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