Free Download VXDIAG VCX NANO VW ODIS 5.1.6 + PostSetup 89.5.30

VW latest ODIS version 5.1.6 has been tested and verified working with VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 and VXDIAG VCX Plus diagnostic scanners.

Odis 516

Free download ODIS 5.1.6 software + Postsetup 89.5.30!vE4DyQyY!Pu7n1-dqnYihGcdQTQUUXg

ODIS 516


Software including:

ODIS Service:5.1.6

ODIS engineering postsetup 89.5.30



ODIS Skoda

ODIS Bentley

ODIS Lamborghini

Elsawin 5.3
EKTA 8.0

ODIS 5.1.6 software works for Audi VW Skoda Seat Bentley new car models till 2019


Supported Car Models: VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT

Multi-language: English/Japanese/Portuguese/Romanian/Korean/Dutch/Polish/Turkish/Spanish/ French/Italian/Croatian/Danish/German/Swedish/Finnish/Slovenian/Czech/Russian/Greek/Chinese

Operating system: Windows 7 32bit/64 bit and Windows 10



How to connect VXDIAG VCX NANO VW for VA-G group?
Vxdiag Vcx Nano Vw 4


How to Install VXDIAG ODIS 5.1.6 Software?


1.Install “OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_5_1_6-B51_6_0_10.exe” setup. Required upload License to “Launcer+license+plugins 5.1.6” folder

2. Then copy and replace “OffboardDiagLauncher.exe” file and “plugins” folder from “Launcer+license+plugins 5.1.6” root to ODIS root directory

3.Install Thumb Drive to upload database PоstSetup_89.5.30.iso

4. Run ODIS, upload PostSetup files according to the software prompts. The PostSetup installation process takes about 1 to 2 hours.


Note: When install VXDIAG VW ODIS software, please choose “6154”