VXDIAG Porsche Tester II Device No Found 99010 99011 Error Solution


I was trying to diagnose a Porsche Cayenne 2014 with vxdiag porsche tester ii system, vx manager cannot detect the device, said “Device Not Found” and PIWIS software failed to communicate with vcx plus.

Error message:

99010: The diagnostic system could not be initialized.
99011: Comm. module not connected. Please check.
Repeat communication setup with (F8).
Press F12 to start simulation mode.

Cayenne 2014 Piwis2 Not Connection 1

Cayenne 2014 Piwis2 Not Connection 3

Cayenne 2014 Piwis2 Not Connection 2


Disable/Disconnect local network connection.

Reconnect tester ii and run piwis software again.





It works fine after disable network.

Cayenne 2014 Piwis2 Diagnosis 1

Cayenne 2014 Piwis2 Diagnosis 2

Cayenne 2014 Piwis2 Diagnosis 3