Tips to Set up ODIS Software in VXDIAG Full 2TB HDD


I launched the ODIS 5.0.3 software in VXDIAG full 2TB HDD, a postsetup windows popped up


I pressed continue and wait for 3 hours to the download files.  Do i have to  do this process downloading for each automaker (VW, Audi, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini.)  Because I did now for VW.

After downloading database,  i tried to select local directory, it gave me another internal error



An internal system error has occurred. The system is unstable.”


How can i solve the problem?



VXDIAGSHOP solution:

1.You have to download all automaker software. It takes long time because each automaker comes with various database in multi-language.  Wait patiently until the process is done.

2.If you have ODS4009E internal error,  try to restart the ODIS software.

3.If another File download message displays (shown picture below) when restart ODIS software, do following:


Just click on “Find” button.

Software will work properly.